UW-NL has successfully concluded Regie over je eigen toekomst (Managing your own
future). We are delighted to report on this project, a cooperation with Netwerkpro.

Too often, female refugees don’t get the opportunities they deserve. In terms of employment, the focus tends to be on men. As a result, women run the risk of becoming socially and economically isolated.

Joining forces

UW-NL is well aware of this situation, and wants to do something about it. This is why we joined forces with Netwerkpro, an organisation that strives to improve the professional position in the Netherlands of women who can use some help. We took care of the funding, coordination and evaluation of Regie over je eigen toekomst and were responsible for content and finance, while Netwerkpro implemented the programme.


The individual talent and potential of the 16 selected women formed the starting point for the project. For almost four months, they attended language courses, workshops and training sessions teaching them, for example, to write a resume and present themselves at a job interview. Members of our network, such as Dress for Success and Paula’s Choice Skincare, contributed to improving the participants’ confidence and motivation, and therefore their employability. This project would not have been possible without the support of Kansfonds.

Personal mentor

Netwerkpro much appreciated the networking capability of UW-NL and said it looks forward to intensified cooperation in the future. Another key method to make participants more visible in terms of social participation and employment is mentoring. A personal mentor, carefully selected for compatibility, works with each of the women. For this group, training and
employment in the healthcare, education and hospitality sectors are particularly suitable.


Another partner in the project was the city of Amsterdam, and that was where the festive event concluding Regie over je eigen toekomst was held in October 2019. For a packed house, 13 women, nationals of six countries, received their certificates. A quantitative survey shows that almost 40 percent of them had paid work and a third were active as interns and
volunteers, while 12 percent followed training courses. Quality is of course harder to measure. However, the fact that the women described themselves as happier than before and grateful for the training and networking opportunities speaks for itself.

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