One of the main goals of our organization is to help women refugees from Ukraine reign control of their lives despite unpredictable changes that happened at the end of winter 2022.

While providing the resources to find a workplace in the Netherlands, we are providing the opportunity to learn about the features of Dutch society in-depth as it is sometimes too different from the Ukrainian one. These meetings help Ukrainian women refugees to look into the core of the Dutch labour market and prepare them for the applications, such as writing a better version of the resume and organizing the LinkedIn profile properly, and interviews with Dutch employers. But our events don’t mainly focus only on these areas – we are providing sessions dedicated to self-improvement and motivation to gain more confidence in receiving work opportunities. Our speakers focus on delivering verified and practical information that helps women apply this knowledge to practice quickly.

To look for the schedule of the events on editing the resume and self-improvement, please join our news subscription or our Telegram group chat. If you want to organize an event in the frame of this topic and share your knowledge with our participants, please fill out this form:

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