WHY did we embark on this project?

Managing your personal finance is something you need to learn. The financial decisions young people have to make, ranging from getting health insurance to paying mobile phone bills, can be confusing and lead to all kinds of problems. Debts incurred early in life can become a burden that slows down or even ruins personal and professional development later on. The aim of this project is to equip its participants with the skills they need to become financially responsible, independent individuals.

WHAT does the project entail?

Our partnership with Humanitas, a large Dutch NGO, is key to the success of Get a Grip.  Thanks to our access to Humanitas’ extensive network of trained volunteers, we are able to form buddy teams to steer participants towards the solutions they need. We also create various options for these young people to practise among themselves and share their skills. While the coronavirus threatens public health, online contact is facilitated.

WHAT RESULTS have we achieved so far?

During the second half of 2020, when the coronavirus increasingly threatened society and many young people lost their jobs, the interest shown in this project rose steeply. Our social media campaign reached more than half a million individuals and helped many of them find their way to financial self-reliance. 

Many young people need help in solving the financial challenges facing them. Get a Grip lends a hand. 





WHERE do we go from here?

We are confident that the goal of 280 participants over a two-year period set by Humanitas will be achieved. Together with our partners, we look forward to continuing to support adolescents attempting to become financially stable adults. We would love to hear from any individual or organization wanting to contribute to this goal.

For additional information please contact Cedar Cox-McAllister: cedar.cox-mcallister@unitedway.nl

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