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3M Netherlands and United Way the Netherlands help vulnerable groups in the Netherlands during Covid-19

New project provides rapid digital transition in the 1.5-meter society and is part of global initiative for countries affected by COVID-19 Amsterdam, September 15, 2020: Technology company 3M and non-profit…
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United Way Day of Action 2020

Before the international outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Nationaal Ouderenfonds already published several articles devoted to isolated elderly in the Netherlands. They reported that 45% of Dutch seniors, age 65…
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Celebrating World Refugee Week with the Tent Partnership for Refugees

We are proud to stand with Tent Partnership for Refugees on World Refugee Day!  Refugees are an essential part of our communities and workforces. To celebrate World Refugee Week (June…
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A small success during the Corona pandemic for United Way the Netherlands

Six Refugee bus drivers considered by our new partner: We are pleased to announce that refugees continue to be considered for jobs under United Way the Netherlands (UW-NL) partnership platform…