In May Cellnex hosted the 2024 Youth Challenge, tailored to improve the career
prospects of young people eager to make the most of their talents.

Like their local counterparts, Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands are faced with the
exciting yet stressful challenge of navigating their professional future. It’s opportunities like
the 2024 Youth Challenge that make this journey a little easier.

Courtesy of Cellnex, one of Europe’s largest telecommunications infrastructure companies,
the Challenge was held at the company’s Dutch HQ in Utrecht, on Monday 27 May. Geared
in particular to Ukrainian refugees, the event consisted of an introductory programme
designed to equip the youthful participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to start a
career in telecommunications. They took part in various presentations, interactive workshops
and discussions. The group, ranging from 16 to 24 in age, learned about radio and
broadcasting, mobile communications and other aspects of Cellnex’ operations. They were
also given helpful tips and information about employment at the telecom company.

For the Ukrainian refugees, the fact that the event was conducted entirely in Dutch made the
Youth Challenge doubly challenging. While highlighting their potential for growth in the Dutch
labour market, it offered new perspectives for a successful career. All participants left the
Cellnex facility with renewed confidence. Along with them, United Way the Netherlands
extends a big thank you to Cellnex for making this event possible.

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