During their first time staying in the Netherlands, Ukrainian women refugees and their children need to assimilate into the new society around them. While Ukrainian women refugees are busy applying for jobs and officially registering for a stay in the Netherlands, children are left without supervision. They typically experience more stress through the adaptation period to the new society and need their community to help them assimilate to the Dutch environment.

To let the refugee women from Ukraine freely spend time adapting to the Dutch society and labour market, in cooperation with our partners, UWRA allows women refugees and children to spend time usefully together and help each other find comfort in a faraway place away from home. With our childcare centre, teenagers can participate in art and sketching classes, acting classes, origami, and pottery sessions. In addition, with the partnership of the United Way the Netherlands, children can take Dutch courses that would help them assimilate into their new school and neighbourhood environment.

The schedule of the childcare centre events is updated on the website and our Telegram chat. To let your child participate in our events and activities, please reach out to coordinators via Telegram. If you want to join our team forces to organize the events for children, please fill out this form, and our team representative will reach out to you to confirm all details of our cooperation:

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