After the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, European countries did everything to help the Ukrainian refugees adapt to the peculiar environment around them after sudden evacuation. The aspect that allows people to start living and adapting to the new environment is the social benefits. Due to the many informational websites and communities providing various updates for the government’s support on how to continue living in the Netherlands, we are focused on maintaining all updates regarding the issue in one place so that the women refugees from Ukraine could receive it quickly.

Through the organization of informational events in the framework of our project, we are discussing the problems dedicated to receiving social benefits, medical insurance, and other privileges (which may not be connected to money, i.e., educational opportunities). Our team also posts the updates on Telegram chat and lets the women share their knowledge on this issue there too. If you are interested in joining the meeting with the community of Ukrainians, please see the available dates below, and join our Telegram group chat to communicate with our team and participants and discuss how to solve your issues.

Social Welfare Advice
Klaverstraat 0, 0000 ZZ, Amsterdam
How to Apply for Benefits in the Netherlands
Klaverstraat 0, 0000 ZZ, Amsterdam

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