UW-NL helps refugees from Ukraine to find jobs. We show the way by paying our own employees competitive wages.

November 1 last year, the good news in the Dutch media was that an impressive 45 percent of all Ukrainian refugees registered in the Netherlands had found paid work. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced at that time that this constituted 11 percent growth compared with the number of working Ukrainians on July 1. The fact that they don’t need a work permit to be employed in the Netherlands places them in an exceptional position.

Not so good is the news that these refugees usually work in jobs that are way below the positions they held in Ukraine. An opinion poll conducted by the NOS news agency recently found that most of them work less than 25 hours a week, often in retail, hotels or restaurants. Generally speaking, the minimum wage is all they can hope to earn.

The Ukrainian mental health counsellors working for our project Healing the Mind are much better off. Not only are they able to practise in their own profession, helping their own people, but we also pay them competitive rates. Whether or not they intend to build a life in the Netherlands, our counsellors are highly valued, both by United Way and by their clients.

For further information, please contact Julie.barikmo@unitedway.nl.

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