We are proud to stand with Tent Partnership for Refugees on World Refugee Day!

This June UNHCR once again draws attention to its World Refugee Week. ‘Everyone can make a difference,’ ‘Every action counts’ are the slogans used. Of course UW-NL endorses their activities in a world where refugee-related issues are a major concern.

Indeed everyone, including refugees, can join in the efforts to create a more just, inclusive and safe world for all of us. United Way is in the forefront of these efforts. On the occasion of Refugee Day, we would like to turn the spotlight on the contributions that refugees around the world are making to bring the end of the Covid crisis a step closer.

In doing so, we engage the help of our many partners. Among them, the Tent Partnership and Refugee Talent Hub (RTH) are working in different ways to secure employment for refugees.

For additional information please contact Cedar Cox-McAllister: cedar.cox-mcallister@unitedway.nl

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