The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has enormous consequences, especially for the most vulnerable of us. One of the most affected groups are the elderly. Dwindling contact with friends and family, limited understanding of communication devices and social distancing, resulting in feelings of isolation and loneliness. Together with the elderly, we recognize another badly hit group: refugees. United Way the Netherlands has found a way to help elderly citizens and refugees by enabling them to help each other. 

Our project Reaching the Unreachable is starting a new chapter: Joining Forces. The goal of the project is that carefully selected refugees will have video-calls with matched elderly, allowing the elderly to connect and be a part of the digital world, and enable the refugee to feel a part of the Dutch culture. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, contact between the elderly and the refugee will have to take place remotely. 

United Way the Netherlands are not just simply helping two vulnerable groups, however, enabling them to help each other. That is why this project is so unique, and why we are certain it will be a huge success. Above featuring a brand new video promoting our #JoiningForces project. 

For any questions about the project please contact Julie Barikmo:

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