For some of our elderly beneficiaries, Monday 21 June spells the beginning of the end of a period of isolation.

Although the end of the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be approaching, its consequences will continue to dominate the world, including the Netherlands, for some time to come. That’s why this year our Day of Action focused on relieving the plight of isolated seniors. Volunteering refugees are playing a vital role in doing so. 

United Way Worldwide left it up to the countries where it is represented to identify the most pressing needs in their communities. What is certain, is that on 21 June thousands of people all over the planet took action to improve the lives of vulnerable beneficiaries. Even the simplest of actions can kick off positive change in the life of an individual.

In recent months, United Way the Netherlands mobilized volunteering refugees to get in touch with selected senior citizens. Both groups benefit from the contact: the volunteers get the opportunity to practise their language skills and learn about Dutch society, while the elderly participants get the support and human warmth they crave. In more practical terms, these seniors are presented with electronic devices enabling them to be in touch with their nearest and dearest. No less than 80 refugees and 2000 seniors have been identified to be part of this project, made possible with help from our sponsors and partners. In addition to United Way Worldwide, we particularly value the support of the globally operating Internet Society and the Dutch NGOs Oranje Fonds, RCOAK and Fonds Sluyterman van Loo.

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