AMSTERDAM, 26 MAY 2022 – United Way the Netherlands has launched a project offering Ukrainian women refugees a home from home in Amsterdam. Here they can meet, organize their lives and even find their way to a paid job.

Refugees from Ukraine, women in particular, need all the help they can get. United Way the Netherlands (UW-NL) has embarked on a project with a difference. Home from Home gives Ukrainian women a daytime base enabling them to take control of their lives as migrants. At the Huis van de Wijk (house of the neighbourhood), a community centre run by UW-NL partner Combiwel, we are helping them to help themselves.

On 25 May, UW-NL and Combiwel hosted a meeting attended by around 30 Ukrainian women. Here, a multinational organization offered jobs to all those interested where the working conditions have been adapted to the personal situations of the participants. Other organizations from United Way’s corporate network are expected and encouraged to follow this example.

There are many other ways in which Home from Home is helping Ukrainian women refugees rise to the challenges facing them and make the most of life in the Netherlands. In addition to volunteers, specialists are on hand to help with translation, integration and accommodation issues, using social media, English and Dutch tuition, psychological support and more. Christened the Ukrainian Women Refugees Association, the initial group will be scaled up to 100 participants for a one-year pilot project. As the number of registered Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands doubles to reach around 100,000 by the end of 2022 (as projected by the government) the value of this project will be further enhanced.

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