Our latest contract with IMC Weekendschool fits seamlessly into our focus on education, the key to success.

United Way the Netherlands has again exchanged contracts with one of our key implementing agents, IMC Weekendschool. The school, whose founder/director Heleen Terwijn is pictured here with our own director, Machiel Salomons, aims to get young students with a migration background into the professional field and motivate them to get the most out of their lives. IMC Weekendschool provides additional education from the age of ten in various locations in the Netherlands.

This time, our collaboration involves three different partners in addition to IMC Weekendschool. One of them is Cellnex, a major Spanish telecommunication company and an important player in United Way Spain’s Youth Challenge. HP, another valued partner, has donated 100 laptops, of which 50 will go to Ukrainian children in various IMC-managed schools. The other 50 laptops will be used by Ukrainian refugee women participating in our mental health project. Thirdly, we received donations from private US donors, enabling us to offer additional support to Ukrainian children throughout the Netherlands.

For further information please contact Julie.barikmo@unitedway.nl. ¨

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