On 7 December, a visit to the Cellnex tower proved both educational and exciting for a group of primary schoolchildren.

Few things are more rewarding than making a difference to the future of young people. It was with this goal in mind that we have teamed up with Cellnex, the Spanish-headquartered telecom company, and IMC Weekendschool, an NGO that provides complementary schooling for children from underprivileged areas in the Netherlands. The Youth Challenge Cellnex project, funded by the Cellnex Foundation, focusses the attention of schoolchildren together with IMC Weekendschool to prepare young people for the most important step after their school life: making motivated choices for the future. Our aim is for young people of all school levels and all social background to find a place in society that suits their interests and capabilities.

A range of activities, from company visits to workshops and training sessions, has been devised to achieve the goal we share. The first event, a visit to the Cellnex tower (a.k.a. the Gerbrandy tower) near the city of Utrecht, took place on Wednesday 7 December. Being taken up to the 16th floor of the tower was one of the most memorable things the children, who had been selected from the Rotterdam area by IMC Weekendschool, had ever experienced. Guided by volunteers from the Cellnex Foundation, they could barely contain their excitement. Some decided on the spot that they wanted to do what it takes to one day work in the tower, while others profusely thanked the volunteers.

All in all, the excursion was a resounding success. United Way the Netherlands is looking forward to continuing this project in cooperation with Cellnex and Stitching IMC Weekendschool in the new year.

For further information, please contact Julie.barikmo@unitedway.nl.

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