Now in its second year, the business training in which Salesforce and United Way
prepare young people for a successful career resonates in the US and Canada.

The new year will see the continuation and expansion of the Salesforce business training.
Our close cooperation with Dutch-based staff of the software giant is already paying
dividends, so we are moving full speed ahead. The objective of the training course is to
prepare refugees and other young people for a professional career, which may take shape in
the private or the public sphere.

After sessions about building networks, CV writing and much more, the fourth group of
beneficiaries is completing their training this winter. In the online session given in early
January by Salesforce volunteers Alex Znyk, Jeanne-Marie Majoor and Zachary Hassanali,
our staff members Machiel Salomons, Myles Bavin and Isabel Harrison played an active part.
Its subject was project management. Alex, Jeanne-Marie and Zachary covered a broad
range of subjects, from project team composition, milestones and timelines to the importance
of dialogue and ways of avoiding divergence from the mission statement.

When Salesforce shared details of the training in the Netherlands with their colleagues
abroad, colleagues in the US and Canada offered to run an intimate extra session, rounding
off the current training course.


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