United Way the Netherlands has brought together Netwerkpro and TotalEnergies. In a sense, this cooperation relaunches Empowering Women Refugees, one of our earliest projects.

On 14 February a meeting was held at TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland in The Hague, where the details of the cooperation were hammered out. Through our intermediary, our trusted partner Netwerkpro, which organizes educational and training courses to prepare female refugees for jobs in the Netherlands, will be working closely with TotalEnergies with a view to preparing participants for employment. This will help both the women and their families integrate into Dutch society. Initially, a limited number of carefully selected women will be groomed to work as sales assistants at Total service stations.

Martha van den Beld, HR manager at Servauto, the operating company for the most TotalEnergies service stations in the Netherlands, is looking forward to turning the project into a success: “TotalEnergies has the ambition to be an inclusive organization. It is the principle underpinning our belief that everyone, regardless of their background, possesses talents that can be of value in their work.”


For additional information please contact Cedar Cox-McAllister:cedar.coxmcallister@unitedway.nl

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